Travel Planning Checklist

Planning your next vacation?
Besides specific things to pack and other travel must-haves, there are plenty of other things to plan for a fun and memorable vacation. Whether it's a summer by the beach or a spring break road trip, we have the ultimate Travel Planning Checklist to help ease the pre-trip stress!

  • Pick a destination
    • Where would you like to go?
    • Domestic or international? 
    • Check travel advisories based on safety and climate patterns.
  • Choose the dates 
    • What season do you want to travel in?
    • How long would you like to go for?
  • Calculate your spending budget 
    • How much do you want to spend while you're there on food and activities based on the costs of hotel, flights, and transportation. 
    • Look up blogs of what's normal in this area
  • Plan your route! By plane or by car?
    • Whether you're driving or flying, search for the cheapest option!
  • Book your stay: hotel, airbnb, or motel
    • Might want to hop around- multiple hotels, hostels or airbnb
    • Look up costs– is it cost effective to stay in one hotel the whole time? Maybe move cities and stay at a lower cost option!
  • Start planning your activities!
    • Places to eat and activities.
    • Make a list of all the must see and do items.
  • Look up local recommendations
    • Places to see and eat at based on what the people who live there
    • Any customs or must know before you go ? 
    • Heading to San Diego? Check out some of Hang’s local favorites!
  • Start packing your bags!
    • Arguably, the hardest part. 
    • Decide whether you want to check or carry on your luggage.
    • Make sure your carry-on bags fit the dimension and weight regulations for the airline you are using.

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