Hang like a local! - Our San Diego Favorites.

With Independence Day coming up, we know San Diego is going to be flooding with out-of-town visitors. There are so many options on what to do, with beautiful beaches, abundant restaurants, and vivid nightlife, coming to San Diego can be very overwhelming. We here at team hang are taking the stress out of wondering what to do and where to go and sharing some of our favorite things about this city with you. 

~ Renee ~

My Favorite Thing To Do...is ride my beach cruiser along the the boardwalk with amazing views of Pacific Beach and Sail Bay. There is 15 miles of boardwalk, full of interesting characters, including Slomo, a retired neurologist who skates the boardwalk in slow motion to music. 

My Favorite Place To Eat..is Duck Dive, a casual beach eatery with fun cocktails like jalapeno pineapple margaritas and amazing seafood.  My favorite is their Voodoo Salmon tacos...I can't get enough of it!


~ Theresa ~

My Favorite Thing To Do...is walking the harbor by the USS Midway and several great museums. Then through Seaport Village while being entertained by street performers and cute shops all the way to the new SD Convention Center.  Great exercise with amazing views and lots of entertainment. 

My Favorite Place To Eat..is the Brigantine in Shelter Island which has a great patio area that my husband and I love to enjoy on a sunny day overlooking the marina with some drinks and appetizers.  

~ Kinsey ~

My Favorite Thing To Do... is having outdoor BBQs with friends on the weekend. Music, food and friends are the best!  It's usually close to the beach. A great place to watch shows is The Casbah. 


My Favorite Place To Eat.. .... that's a hard one ... probably Tractor Room & Baja Betty's. At the Tractor room my favorite thing to get is the Mac and Cheese and cornbread. At Baja Betty's, I'm in LOVE with their chips and salsa and bean dip. 


~ Danijela ~ 

My Favorite Thing To Do...is to go to Parq downtown. The energy downtown is so vibrant and the streets are filled with people on the weekend. Parq features DJs every weekend, the music is loud, there are go-go dancers, strobe lights, and girls in little dresses- all the things you need for a fun night out! It’s not too crowded like some of the other places in the area, which is also nice. 

My Favorite Place To Eat..is PB Sushi. Not too fancy but delicious. I am obsessed with their Sea Weed Salad, and ordering the Nigori Saki is a must. My favorite rolls are the Big Shot and Tuna Garlic Roll. It’s usually easy to get a table and has a laid back, fun vibe.

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