5 Things Pack When You Start Traveling Again

While we can only dream of the end of the pandemic, your increased comfort levels with traveling may be making trips more of a reality. As exciting as this is, we understand the nerves that coincide with traveling in new and unfamiliar environments. Airports, hotels and public transportation can all spark the lasting fear of germs we have all recently developed. 

 You want to be as prepared as you can to keep yourself and fellow travelers safe. Here are 5 tips on what to pack for a trip during the pandemic. Forewarning, we are not including the gallon sized bottle of hand sanitizer. Leave it at home. It’s tempting, but it’ll never make it past security.

Airlines still require that you wear a face mask on the plane and in the airport. Make sure to pack one in your carryon that can easily be grabbed before you enter the airport. Airplane face mask requirements include covering both your nose and mouth, and wearing one at all times unless eating or drinking. This keeps you and the travelers around you safe and healthy. 

After flying, make sure to cycle through face masks or wash the one you are using. You may be in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar rules about face masks, so you should always keep a clean one handy. 

 Another great thing to pack in a carry on or a suitcase is a pair of travel slippers. Whether you wear them in the hotel or even on the plane when you want to snooze for a bit, you’ll protect your feet from touching the germy floors and keep them cozy at the same time.  

Our cute slippers for women come in many different colors and sizes, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your style. Travel slippers with a pouch are even better, so we’ve got you covered with a cute bag to put them in when you’re not using them. 

To answer the burning question (it’s a struggle for everyone, don’t worry) of how to efficiently pack a suitcase , we present you with the beauty of packing cubes. Using packing cubes for travel keeps your clothes neat and in their rightful place. You can also use bag sets for dirty and clean clothes, protecting your belongings from the germs of your airplane outfit. Packing cubes with compression can come in handy in case you don’t fill up the whole thing, so we made sure ours are flexible and can be compressed if necessary. 

 Purse hangers are a small yet highly effective tool. They are compact and easy to store in your bag while on the move, and are convenient to pull out and hang your purse on to keep it off the floor. You can use them while sitting at a restaurant, or on the door of a bathroom stall that is sorely lacking its own hook. 

When in an unfamiliar environment, you want to keep your phone on you and available at all times. This means keeping it charged in case you get separated from your party, need to check a map of the city, or want to look up the best restaurants in the area. When you are out and about all day, your battery can get low quicker than you anticipated.  A portable phone charger can easily be kept in your purse or backpack, and will save you from the terrifying red battery icon. 


We don’t entirely know how travel will change post pandemic, but using these tips is a great way to be prepared while the pandemic still goes on. Have fun and stay safe!


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