How to Get a Passport in a Hurry


You’ve checked everything off on your travel checklist and you’re all ready to go. Then you realize your passport has expired and all plans go flying out the window. Trust us, we have been there, done that, and feared the lengthy passport renewal process. However, this holiday season, our CEO found out the hard way that there are certain steps you can take to get an emergency passport renewal in a pinch. Then all you have to do is create a list of things to pack and you are all set for a smooth and stress-free airport visit

Have no fear, we put all of those steps into this list! 

Read our step by step guide here on how to get a passport in a hurry. 

  1. Make an appointment in person at a passport agency or center
    1. Must be exactly 5 days prior to your leaving the country
      1. OMG such a short amount of time, but this is the requirement for an *emergency* renewal
    2. Must have proof of travel 
      1. Hotel, flights, or any booked trip information counts. 
      2. Make sure you print it out!
  2. Complete needed documents before your appointment
    1. Take a passport photo
      1. Easy to do at any Fedex, UPS, or Walgreens near you
    2. Fill out forms
      1. Application form: available online but must print and sign
      2. If you aren’t sure which application you need, you can take a “passport wizard” quiz to find out! 
      3. All basic renewals and passport applications just need a basic Passport Renewal or Passport Application
    3. Bring your birth certificate
      1. Yes, you may have to call your mom
      2. Proof identity
      3. Drivers license or other government I.D.
      4. You can also use your most recent passport
  3. Attend your appointment on time and pay fees!
    1. $60 extra on top of normal application fees. Fees start at $130 and vary based on type of passport. 
  4. Keep your new passport safe and organized in a passport holder
    1. RFID blocking technology protects your information while you travel.


​​Additional government advice:

How to find out what forms to use: Passport Wizard

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