Best Airline Reward Program - For Any Type of Traveler


If you’re a frequent flier, it might be time to join some airline reward programs and begin racking up points. Depending on where you fly, how often you fly, and who you fly with, different airlines may provide better benefits for your needs. We’ve created a list of the best airline reward programs based on their most basic memberships. And when you book those flights, take a look at some of the goodies we’ve suggested to make your trip a little easier


Best in the West- Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan
  • Alaska’s map is more limited to the West Coast, but points are based on distance traveled rather than money spent. This benefits west coast flyers because Alaska flights are generally cheaper, but still provide flyers with the chance to earn points. 
  • Short trip? You may only need a rolling carry-on for your belongings!


Best for Benefits- American Airlines AAdvantage
  • With the American Airline reward program, you can earn points with partner hotels, car rentals, and vacation packages. Benefits also start the earliest, so you can take those vacations sooner and more frequently!
  • If you earn points from a hotel stay, keep your feet off the yucky floors with a pair of foldable travel slippers


    Best for Buddies (human and non-human alike!)- JetBlue TrueBlue
    • JetBlue allows you to pool your points with up to six other people. This means you can combine your points to earn rewards faster. You can also earn points for bringing your pet along with you.
    • Pick something from our pet collection to match your best friend!


    Best for International- United MileagePlus
    • As part of the Star Alliance network, the United Airline reward program provides connections with many of the major international airlines. This gets you points with many different partner airlines. United also has the most destinations outside of the US. 
    • Use a satin eye mask to catch some ZZs on your long, international flight. 


    Best for the Fam- Frontier Miles
    • Okay, the benefits we’ve listed here require you to upgrade to Frontier’s special program. But considering it is only $60 a year, the benefits that come from a single flight make up for the extra expense. Frontier allows you to pool points with members of your family and gives you priority boarding to make sure you can all sit together. You can also fly one child under the age of 15 for free on many flights.
    • Lots of kiddos mean lots of bags. Keep track of them with luggage tags your kids are sure to love. 


    To summarize, the best airline reward program is the one that works for your individual needs! Whether you’re flying domestic or international, alone or with your family, or you’re just looking for a way to justify all that time in the air, a frequent flier program will give you a little extra bang for your buck!


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