Wellness Gift Guide

Start the new year out on the right foot and give the gift of wellness this holiday season! Whether you are a pilates junkie or spend your free time watching videos on skin care, we have compiled a list of the must-have products that any wellness lover would be grateful for this holiday season. 

#1 Resurfacing & Brightening Fruit Enzyme Mask by Tula

To help combat breakouts and dry skin, a good skincare routine goes a long way. This mask helps brighten the skin and helps acne-prone skin. This is good for everyday use or just to use to help wake you up from the refreshing effect. 

#2 Satin Eye Mask by Hang Accessories 

These lightweight, breathable satin eye masks help get a better night's sleep. They have an elastic satin band making them super comfortable. There are numerous different designs and plain colors so you can find the best one for your person. 

#3 Petite Presentation Box Wellbeing by Tea Forte

Wellness-focused tea collection helps relax and restore the mind. The pack has different kinds of green and herbal tea. To help get your morning started or to unwind before bed, tea is great for people’s well-being and a box with different flavors helps people find the one they like the best. 


#4 Foldable Travel Slippers by Hang Accessories 

A huge part of personal wellness people often overlook is being comfortable. These slippers are great to bring while traveling or around the house. They are soft, durable, and machine washable and are perfect to grab after a long day of work!

#5 5-Mask Starter Set by Origins

Pampering yourself after a long day of work is the self-care we all need. The pack comes with 5 different masks perfect for anyone’s skin. Skin is a great gift for the wellness-obsessed, or anyone really!

#6 Eye Mask and Satin Pillowcase Set by Hang Accessories 

If a good night’s sleep is so important to them that it has become a sacred ritual, then this set is perfect. Eye masks promote deeper sleep by blocking out the light and satin pillowcases are comfortable and great for the skin. 

#7 Capri Blue Capiz Jar Candle by Anthropologie 

Candles can help reduce stress, improve your mood, help improve sleep, and overall mental health. Different scents have different focuses on benefits for each person. Candles also smell great and give your home an inviting smell. 

#8 Travel Journal and Luggage Tag Set by Hang Accessories 

Journaling is becoming more trendy but it is because of the numerous health benefits that come along with it. It helps self-discovery, releasing negative thoughts, overall emotions, and so much more. Also, journals get used up quickly so there is no such thing as having too many!

#9 Scrunchie Gift Pack by Bondi Boost 

Satin scrunchies are better at protecting your hair than any other ponytails. They are also way more comfortable and help reduce hair frizz. Keeping your hair out of your face is also something super helpful when working out, cleaning, or doing any type of stressful task. 

#10 3 Piece Packing Cube Set by Hang Accessories 

Packing cube sets help make staying organized way easier. Staying organized also has many wellness benefits such as stress relief, promotes better sleep, and helps save time. The packing cubes come in 3 different sizes, perfect for large items, like clothes, or small items, like makeup. 

#11 Bala Bangles 

Physical health is not only important for physical wellness, but it improves any factors of our life we often do not even realize. It can help with mental health, stress relief, prevents many diseases, and overall leads to better health all around. These bangles are for comfortable resistance when working out and are perfect for the fitness girl in your life. 


#13  Matte Claw Clip by Free People 

Keep your hair out of your face and help prevent hair breakage. Claw clips are some of the trendiest ways to have your hair up. Whether at work, going out to dinner, or running errands these clips are great for everyday use.  

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