The Best Gift Guide for the Art Lovers

Calling all fans of the master arts! This gift guide is designed specifically for those who get excited for trips to their local museum, or anyone who posted a selfie at the Van Gogh Exhibition: the Immersive Experience. We have compiled a list of gifts that any art fanatic is sure to love this holiday season! 

#1 3 Piece Packing Cube Starry Night by Hang Accessories 

Starry night is a famous design everyone loves but is someone the art lover in your circle will really appreciate. A packing cube set is also perfect for someone looking to stay organized. They can be used in many different ways, like packing help, makeup bags, and more! 

#2 Artist Inspired Rubik Cube-Van Gogh-Da Vinci-Monet-Picasso-by Apollo Box 

Like something you have never seen before, the Rubik cube can be used for fun or house decor. This is also good for art lovers of any age. There are four different artist designs to choose from so you can pick your favorite. Our favorite is Van Gogh! 

#3 Starry Night Satin Pillowcase by Hang Accessories 

Bringing elements of art into your bedroom is always fun and something art lovers really appreciate. This pillowcase is not only cute, but it also helps reduce frizz and hair loss so you never wake up with bed head. It is also good for your skin and is easily washable. 

#4 Abstract Notebook Phone Case Casetify

Cute phone cases not only look good in mirror selfies but they also help you protect your phone. This case has an abstract design and comes in many different sizes for almost any type of phone. Everyone has their phone everywhere so it is a great gift for them to show their art love to the world. 

#5 The Wave Wireless Charging Pad by Hang Accessories 

Wireless charging pads are super fast-charging and make charging your phone way cuter. The cute design will give wherever you put it a pop of fun. This is perfect for the office, home, travel and so much more. Also, the wave design is a classic that many art lovers value. 

#6 Starry Night Mug by MoMA

This ceramic mug shows the beloved starry night painting in an elegant way. This will help bring the kitchen to life. If whoever you are getting the gift drinks as much coffee as us then this is something that will be put to use every day.

#7 Water Lilies Packing Cube by Hang Accessories 

We talked about the benefits of packing cubes above but we have another design for art lovers. The water lilies design represents the French Impressionist Monet’s art from his own garden. It is such a beautiful and famous painting that I think anyone could love this!

#8 Wireless Charging Pad The Ballet Class by Hang Accessories 

Keeping your phone charged in style. The design is sure for all art lovers to want and is different than any other wireless charging pad you have seen. The charging pad is lightweight and charges through most cases.  

#9 Luggage Handle The Wave by Hang Accessories 

Luggage wraps help eliminate confusion when trying to find a bag. This wave design also helps make your bag cuter! They are very inexpensive and perfect for stocking stuffers or smaller gifts. 

#10 Museum Memberships

Museums throughout the world have different memberships they offer, all with different benefits. For someone who loves art, going often to see new art is amazing and you often get discounts at the gift shop. If you just look up museum memberships near you, you can find the perfect one for your loved one.


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