National Read A Book Day: Inspire Your Daily Hustle With Work Party!


September 6th is National Read A Book Day, so we needed to take this moment to share our team's current obsession... WORK PARTY by Jaclyn Johnson

It has sparked an unintentional office book club that we cannot get enough of. Our mornings have consisted of gabbing about the chapter we each read the night before and how it relates to where each of us are in our career paths.

If you didn't know already, our team is powered by women of all ages and life stages, so to have a book that speaks to each of us in a meaningful way is a total *Sisterhood Of the Traveling Pants moment*. 

Jaclyn's story is about her trials and tribulations of being a lady boss ahead of her time and her innovative (side) passion project, turned main gig, Create & Cultivate, an online platform and conference for women looking to create & cultivate the career of her dreams. 

This book is for career minded women in their early stages of #adulting, business owners building their empire, and everything in between.

For the workforce newbies, think of this as your career workbook full of raw anecdotes and detailed advice to always do your research, be present, and take your passions seriously. You'll gain perspective about what truly goes into being an entrepreneur and going after what you want. Like she says, "Confidence begets confidence!"  

For the founders and directors of awe-inspiring feats, this book will reassure you that you are definitely not alone on those days when you ask yourself, "Am I totally crazy?!" Throughout the highs and lows of running and growing a business, it feels as though no one can understand the blood, sweat, and tears you've put into making your vision a reality. Work Party gives you a well deserved pat on the back to remind you that you are doing something amazing. 

Read this book solo, with a friend, or with co-workers & add a sprinkle of Work Party's inspirational magic to your daily hustle.


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