Comforting & Thoughtful Gifts for Someone Diagnosed with Cancer


Finding the right gift for a recently diagnosed cancer patient is a difficult feat. In reality, nothing will resolve the devastation that comes with a diagnosis, but showing someone you care about them by way of gifting can provide a bright spot, distraction, or shift of attention from something awful to an appreciation for your relationship.  

A gift can serve many purposes; to uplift, to serve a purpose, and/or to ultimately to show someone that you are there for them. We hope the ideas below are able to guide you or whomever affected by cancer towards a positive mindset and triumphant journey. 


-> Create a personalized Spotify playlist.

If you’re on a budget or just want to do something simple with a big impact, make them a custom Spotify playlist including some uplifting songs, songs to cry to, some of their favorite genres or artists, or some of your favorite tunes to sing along to. This boosts their spirits and allows them to tap into the music for however they’re feeling; and it’s personally curated by you!

How to do this? 

  1. Go to
  2. Create a free account or login. 
  3. Create a new playlist & name it something fun or personal to them.
  4. Search songs they love and click “add to playlist”. 
  5. When you’re done, generate a QR code and send to them via email or text, or print it out and put it inside of a card for a special surprise! 


-> Subscription to Netflix, Hulu, HBOMax, etc. 

While the idea of an inspirational book or fun beach read may seem like a thoughtful cancer gift, when a patient lacks any sort of energy to move from the couch, aside from running to the bathroom to be sick, they want to be able to doze in and out of a show or movie. A subscription to an online streaming service is the perfect idea. 

Pro tip: Send them a list of your favorite shows or movies to make it more personal and take the thinking out of what to watch. 


-> CanPlan Cancer Planner

This book is life changing. Whether the patient is super organized or needs a little structure, this planner provides a boost of control in the cancer journey. “CanPlan is the only planner on the market that is based on the foundations of scientific research in the fields of positive psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral therapy to help improve both your health and happiness. Regain a sense of control in your cancer journey through daily tracking, and self reflection.” From resources and information on diet, questions to ask care providers, tips for chemo and what to pack, to appointment calendars, medication trackers, and more; this contains the A-Zs for all types of cancer. This gift is also perfect for caregivers or family members! 

Purchase CanPlan here

-> Foldable Travel Slippers

These are great for those down days when getting through that moment is tough enough. They are warm and plush with beautiful embroidered detailing to really create the perfect gift.

If the patient is going through chemo, these are wonderful to fold up and put inside of the included coordinating pouch and pack for long treatment days. Socks can be nice, but if the patient is getting up to put on their cold cap or go to the bathroom, the durable sole is definitely the way to go. 

Shop Foldable Travel Slippers here


-> Subscription to

The more support cancer patients receive, the less isolating their cancer journey will feel.  In addition to sending personal cards, a great way to let them know there are people praying for them and thinking about what they are going through is by signing up to, a nonprofit that sends free cards each month from volunteers around the country. You can easily subscribe to their free service so the patient receives a beautiful handmade note each month in their mailbox. This founder and breast cancer survivor  started the company in 2014  after realizing that her “darkest days were made much brighter when she received a supportive card in the mail.” 

Learn more about here.

Get involved here


-> Cozy blanket

This is essential for patients to feel comforted on down days, especially if they are going through chemo. Oftentimes, the infusion unit will provide warm blankets, but they are the thin, crunchy blankets that lack the sort of comfort a patient could use on long infusion days. 

We love:

Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Throw 

Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Barefoot in the Wild Throw

Heated Throw Blanket 


-> Wireless Charging Pad

The Wireless Charging Pads are a staple item for their chemo bag. This lightweight and compact tech product is easy to use and keeps their phone charged throughout long appointments or days at the hospital. Simply plug the pad in their infusion or hospital room, place the phone on the pad and let it charge. 

Oftentimes in the radiology wings of the hospital, cell signals will be spotty and burn through phone batteries. It’s great to be able to have a fully charged phone to send update texts during infusion. 

Shop Wireless Charging Pads here.

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