Best Coffee Shops in San Diego


Coffee and San Diego go hand in hand. Relaxing by the beach or running through downtown on your way to work, there is a delicious and trendy local coffee shop on every corner. We’ve created a list of some of our favorites for you to visit. Whether you love a simple, bitter black or want a taste of SoCal with an oat milk latte, these coffee shops nearby are a must-try. 

  • Better Buzz

Arguably our most iconic SoCal option, Better Buzz has many different locations around the greater San Diego area. Make this a regular stop for its fun decor and energetic atmosphere. Typically closing around 9 p.m., if you’re looking for a coffee shop open late, this is the place to go. They have quite literally “The Best Drink Ever,” a delicious Americano with their signature vanilla powder. 

  • Communal Coffee

If you couldn’t tell by the name, Communal Coffee is a great place to go with friends and enjoy the local community. Pop by their coffee shop in North Park or their location in South Park where they serve coffee from an adorable trailer and provide plenty of comfy outdoor seating. Their coffee is delicious (try their lavender honey latte, you’ll thank me later), but they stand out from the crowd with their other cute products like jewelry, paper, and flowers. 

  • Moniker Coffee Co.

Located in Liberty Station, a favorite stop for local artists and filled with markets and galleries, Moniker Coffee Co. brings together aesthetics and mercantiles. This spacious coffee shop is combined with Moniker General, an industrial style general goods store. You can grab a delicious “Golden Hour” drink (turmeric, ginger, and honey) and get some work done, walk through the Liberty Station market, or check out the combined general store and stock up on handmade bags or rustic home goods. 

  • Lofty Coffee

If you wanted an experience along with your drink, Lofty Coffee is the place to go. With giant garage doors and windows, Lofty Coffee presents an airy, open concept that’s hard to beat. Stop by for coffee with friends on a relaxing Saturday morning. Picture this- The ocean breeze floats in as you sip your salted caramel latte and sit on the patio overlooking Little Italy or Solana Beach. The cute foam art is broken up, but your day is infinitely better. Are you sold yet? We are! 

  • Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

Bird Rock is very open about their emphasis on relationships. They engage in direct trade with farmers across South America, Africa, and Indonesia, and care deeply about the coffee experience of their customers and the community around them. They brew coffee to perfection and combine unique and delicious flavors. Grab a latte and a bag of their “Monkey Bite Espresso” grounds (with notes of brown sugar, dried apricot, and butterscotch) from their Little Italy location, and enjoy some ethically sourced, delicious coffee. 

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