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Within an online globe saturated with budding bloggers and content creatives, the problem is simple: standing out.  Of the thousands of tell-all share-all fashionistas and travellinas, how will you stumble across the blog that you can’t get enough of?  Well, the answer isn’t simple.  But, we’re simply smitten over a select few bloggers, and we'll happily spread the love.
Similar to our taste in bags, we’re particular when it comes to our religious online readings of the fashion forwards on the go.  Of course we care about the indulgences, the countries they’ll travel and brands they’ll adorn.  But, we’re not that materialistic.  We care about the personality, the story, how the story’s told.  We care about the cake, the fresh strawberry filling, the time and the scrupulous acts of measuring and mixing and tasting— a lot of tasting.  Fact of the matter, we’re not just into the frosting!! 
This week, we’re highlighting our favorite creative visionary with a travel itinerary.  Kelly Framel, the mind behind TheGlamourai, blends creative directing, fashion blogging, and jetsetting into one hell of an adventure.  And this is why we love her:
1. Kelly tells us exactly where we should be checking in, so that we can check out.  From hidden gypset gems of Nicaragua to the blingblings of Bangkok, she sees it all, does it all, and tells it all.  
2. Jet of set in style.  She's got a million looks, and so do her friends.  She's a chameleon, and we're a fan of the reptile. 
3. But it’s not just about the clothes.  It’s her wide eye for the little things.  The empty cups of tea, the arches of architecture.  It’s not just about her.  It’s about friends, strangers, passer-byers, intimate moments that are often overlooked.
4.  She is an artistic storyteller.  Your eyes may only land on that flowery perfume editorial for the smallest of moments before turning each page to the next.  Within that moment, most wouldn’t delve too deep into anything below the surface of each picture.  What’s the story that it’s telling?  Kelly can tell you.  Her saga of creative directions embody a fairytale; chapters and chapters of stories.  Not just a surface plot line.  Her depth and detail ignites a storyline into something deeper than most ever imagine.  Click HERE to reach into Kelly’s masterful creative visions.
5. We agree with a lot that she has to say.  There’s a depth to what’s seemingly a simple materialistic narration on the surface. 
In the words of Kelly, “Vintage is a poignant reminder of how much we have lost”.
And to us, it’s a bottomless reminder that there is so much to gain.  I’m sure Kelly would agree.

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