What is a Trolley Bag? Is that the same as a Fashion Trolley Bag?



A "trolley bag" is just a rolling luggage bag. But a "fashion trolley bag" is something special. A fashion trolley bag is something you'll be proud to roll down the concourse.

Strictly speaking, both are rolling bags.  But a fashion trolley bag like those at Hang Accessories are fashion statements. You're stylish. So why would you pull a bag behind you that was clunky looking?

Of course you wouldn't! That's why you need a stylish rolling bag that is befitting of your charm, your chic look, your "look."

We put as much thought into the look of our rolling bags as you do your outfit. Together, you and your Hang Accessories rolling trolley bag will make quite the fashion statement.  That's why we refer to our rolling bags not just as trolley bags, but as what they really are: fashion trolley bags. Choose your fashion trolley bag today.

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