10 Gifts for People Who Love to Travel

Disclaimer: Plane Tickets Not Included 
To make your holiday shopping that much easier, we have compiled a list of our favorite travel accessories to use while on the go that any frequent flier would love to add to their carry-on. 

#1 La Vie Rolling Carry-On by Hang Accessories 

Every traveler needs a reliable carry-on and this one is perfect. It has four wheels to make traveling easy, is TSA-approved, comes with a laptop sleeve, and has many pockets for all your belongings. The black makes for an elegant finish that goes with everything. It can also be used for day-to-day life too!

#2 Stanley Traveller Cup 

With numerous different colors and sizes, there is a perfect one out there for your person. They are perfect for a traveler so you can refill up on water through all tasks. It helps save money from buying water bottles and is more environmentally friendly. It is also great for everyday use so it will be put to good use. I have mine right next to me right now!

#3 Memory Foam Neck Pillow & Satin Eye Mask Set by Hang Accessories 

Traveling can be uncomfortable, but we are helping to combat that. There are 4 different sets you can get to best match your person's style. The neck pillow just made sleeping on planes way easier and the eye mask helps promote better sleep. The materials are washable and good for the skin and hair!

#4 Portable Phone Charger by Hang Accessories 

The last thing anyone wants is a dead phone. For day adventures, music festivals, road trips, or getting through the airport these are perfect for the traveler. So many designs to pick from that are small and lightweight making them perfect to travel with. It is compatible with iPhones, Samsung and Google phones, and other small USB charging devices. This is a perfect small and inexpensive gift! 

#5 Lavendula Pocket Spray Hand Sanitizer by Noshinku 

Traveling can have a lot of germs and staying healthy is always a number one priority. Noshinku has many different smells and has refills to keep you clean and smelling good everywhere. They are small and pocket friendly, so you can bring them on all flights. 

#6 Passport Holder & Luggage Tag by Hang Accessories 

For someone who is always traveling, keeping your passport and luggage safe is very important. It comes with a clear pouch you can keep your documents in or other things like jewelry. There are a few different designs to pick from and zodiac signs one perfect for any astrological lover. 

#7 Travel Journal and Luggage Tag Set by Hang Accessories

Traveling can be long and boring so getting someone types of activities they can do is always appreciated. Journaling is a great way to clear the mind and stay organized. With a journal the uses are ending from lists, calendar use, writing, drawing, or really whatever they want. 

#8 Celestial Tote by Hang Accessories 

This super cute is a great size for bringing on planes or everyday life. It has multiple pockets and adjustable straps to make it a great fit for anyone. It is super cute and comes in pink and black to be perfect for anyone’s style. 

#9 Accolade Crew Neck Pullover by Alo Yoga 

The last thing someone wants to be while traveling is uncomfortable. This jacket is super soft and keeps you warm on long planes or car rides. There are matching sweatpants so you can be cute and comfortable while traveling. Really the best of both worlds! 

#10 3 Piece Packing Cube Set Palm by Hang Accessories 

When someone is always traveling, staying organized is a necessity. Our packing cube sets include 3 cubes in different sizes. They are water resistant and machine washable with tons of different designs perfect for anyone's style.

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